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Access the 50/50 Realty University Course Library on y our agent portal by clicking here

50/50 Realty University provides comprehensive learning resources for all our agents in their
portal for free.
All courses are pragmatic videos instruction with self-study content ranging from step by step on
how to complete any task an agent will need in his career.
Our course material consists of multiple short instructional “How to” videos and files about
different daily tasks an agent would do throughout his career.
It ranges from how to complete basic TREC transaction forms, how to efficiently generate leads,
how to optimally leverage technology, how to put your business in cruise control using AI and
how to efficiently use subscription-based services without breaking the bank. There will also be
content from a fellow agent with tips and tricks, best practices that justify their success in this
industry. So, if you want to teach a 50/50 Realty University class or contribute for your peers to
benefit from your knowledge. Feel free to share contents with management. All our courses must
be self-study materials.
To access the 50/50RU course library click here


   1. Log in here with your 50/50 Realty login credentials.

   2. On the right side of the page, click on Office Documents then select 50/50 REALTY
UNIVERSITY folder to access links to all contents.

All Courses are 100% FREE to All our Agent. No course is to be purchased.

Course Library Contents